Saturday, June 08, 2013


A few weeks ago we got the girl's pictures taken. I was over 2 months behind in getting J's 6 months and A had just turned 3 so it was a good time. Some of these were posted on FB but I know some people couldn't see them for some reason, esp. the canadians I think. So anyway, I'm posting them here so all my family can see them and whoever else wants to. These are Cyndi Capouch photogpraphy and I think she did a swell job. Amazing what you can do with a camera (and a couple cute subjects) these days! 

 I think this one if J looks so much like my brother Matthew's baby pictures. Do you have one handy to compare, Rhonda? :)

Possibly this last one is my very favorite, although it's so hard to choose. I really like the first one too.

Friday, April 12, 2013

... in which I subject my 3 readers to 77 pictures of my 7 month old...

... and other random shots, many of them looking nearly identical, but so what, you get lots of free pictures. be happy. 

 Good Friday - more pictures taken on the red couch. oh my.
 Easter Sunday - it's not the red couch!

 Aleah waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to get here on Easter evening. :)
 Here's where lots of pictures of the actual visit should be. I'll have to get them from Grandpa and Grandma. We had a lovely visit with Dave's parents for a couple days.
 The first very small return on our large investment. Aleah folding washcloths. I have her trained so well that I ask her once to do a task and she jumps right to it, completing the whole thing in record breaking speeds and doing a near perfect job ta boot! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, we work on all those things but here she is, with a nice big stack that she did all by herself (with the exception of needing some help getting the things flat on occasion - why is that harder than the actual folding? I don't get it!)
 Jumping back to February - here's a lil craft I finally completed. I should have step by step detailed pics of the whole process but I don't. Something that a friend made and I thought was neat and she got the idea from pinterest - a cute place for all those pesky hair bows you have laying all over the house. keeps them nice and organized too.

 and a not so great picture of it with the stuff clipped on. If I wasnt' so lazy I'd go take a picture of it hanging on the wall, but I don't want to.

This next picture is basically here to demonstrate that I do try to fancy her head up with bows and such on occasion, but she rips the headbands off faster than I can put them on so that doesn't work. So I stuck this one on and it looked sorta like she was wearing a small blanket on her head. oh well.
 7 MONTHS! She's at such a fun age to photograph. :) you get big grins effortlessly. So I had fun playing with iphoto and didn't feel like agonizing over which ones to post so I just posted a whole wack of them. if you're displeased, take it up with my assistant...

 I like this one a lot.

 sisterly love - aleah really is a good big sis and loves Jocelyn a lot. It's fun to see a little bit of a relationship developing. They love to giggle at each other for no good reason and sometimes I think J saves her best laughs and smiles for A. Her face just lights up when she sees her.
 She has perfected the crooked grin

 possibly my favorite.


 getting quite a bit of hair! not a bald baby anymore
hear ye, hear ye!

This concludes the current installment of pictures of my offsprings. Now that my baby is 7 months old, I should be working on addressing her birth announcements, instead of posting cute pictures of her. alas, that's not as satisfying. But really needs to get done. She is so close to crawling it's frightening. She doesn't yet sit up for long periods of time, but rolls and scoots all over the floor. She's definitely feeling the pressing need to become mobile in a way that I am not!

We had a rough start to our week. Monday I tried to burn the house down by letting all the water steam out of a pan with water/chicken in it. Half the house was filled with smoke and the alarm was going off and I thought it was an alarm out in the hallway before I went to investigate. duh. Later that day Aleah dumped a bottle of nail polish remover all over the table. Thankfully the finish stayed intact. it just smelled terrible for awhile. The next day somehow a red pen was left in a pocket or weaseled its way into the laundry somehow and a whole load got red ink all over it. ARG! Things looked up after that and we've managed to avoid further catastrophe. I think that's all for now. happy Friday!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trip up North, etc.

I'm feeling completely unmotivated in the clever things to write department. Maybe that's because we went on a long trip and got back a week ago and I haven't recovered. And since then my kids have been sapping every last ounce of vim vigor and vitality I had left, so pics and boring explanations will have to do, for my 2 fans who were asking for them. 

 We traveled to MN to watch my lil baby nephew Mervin get MARRIED. what in the world? Kids these days! They think they can do things like grow up and get married. don't know where they got that idea, but anyway... I hear hear it was a lovely wedding. I was taking care of my screaming children most of the time, so I take their word for it (one was hungry and tired, the other doesn't like loud noises, laughter, clapping, etc. so was traumatized). Anyway, the above pic is my niece hanging out with my babes at the hotel.
 Keith and Hannah at the reception
 Pretty cool cake at the reception - Lego teacher and roller derbyist
 pretty nieces!
 haha - goofy Gavin and Matthew and Rhonda
 The lovely couple

 Someone turned 6 months old

 We then went up to Red Lake and Aleah had a blast playing in the snow with cousins and we enjoyed visiting lots of family and friends. It was sort of a whirlwind trip. We drove back from International Falls all night Thursday night. The idea was that the kids would sleep nearly the whole time, making the trip go much faster. But somehow that didn't work, and we didn't get home till Friday afternoon. UGH! Sunday night Merle and Rita and Lamar from Red Lake were on their way through to PA and stopped for supper. :) fun times.
 My sister and sister in law made Dave and I this amazingly beautiful quilt for our wedding/5 year anniversary. :) I LOVE it ! The colors are off because I took these with flash in a rather dark room (see below pic) so it looks even more amazing in person. Back when my sister asked me what colors I wanted, I couldn't decide what in the world color our room would be for the next 70 years. So it ended up being lots of different colors and we can pull out whatever color our heart desires. It actually looks really nice with the orange wall that's in the place we're renting now. :) (oh, and I know you don't need 3 pics that look exactly the same, but I couldn't decide which to post, so there ya go. Also, I think the pic makes it look brighter than it is. in real life isn't more "rich" looking. Ok, I'll stop going on and on about it....)
 The reason it's hard to take pics and get things put away in our room. A little person is frequently sleeping in there.
 Aleah's fancy new do

doing a bit of cooking ... Ok, I guess that's all for now. somehow putting pics on my blog seemed like more fun than cleaning the house. But I spose I should do that to. Happy weekend!